They are two of the most successful television series – loved by critics and audience likewise: Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad – their composers are guests at SoundTrack_Cologne 12. Dave Porter (Breaking Bad) and John Lunn will be at the Cologne congress for music and sound in film, television, games and media – two composers who were crucial to increase the appreciation of serial formats in the past few years. The television day of SoundTrack_Cologne – Saturday, August 22nd – will be completed by Lorenz Dangel, Lola Award winner 2012. He will present his work for the ZDF-series “Blochin” which due to be broadcasted in September.
Dave Porter’s theme made “Breaking Bad“ a post-modern western. Main actor Bryan Cranston said “with his music, Dave Porter has created another character for Breaking Bad.” Porter whose career started at Philipp Glass’s studio in New York is currently working on the series “The Blacklist“, “Flesh and Bone“ and “Breaking Bad“’s successor series “Better Call Saul“.

According to the UK newspaper The Independent, Brian Eno called John Lunn’s band, Man Jumping, “the most important band in the world”. From experimental music to classical compositions, it can’t be denied that John Lunn’s work for a series such as “Downton Abbey”, “Grantchester” or TV-movies like “Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal” made him one of Britain’s most successful composers.

At this year’s Berlinale the series “Blochin” by Matthias Glasner was already considered to be the long awaited successor the success series “KDD-Kriminaldauerdienst”. The music for this ZDF-production was written by Lola-Award-winner Lorenz Dangel (Hell) who returns to SoundTrack_Cologne to present his new work.

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