Amélia & Duarte
Bamboo Temple Street
The Fantastic Love of Beeboy & Flowergirl
Pombo Loves You
The Rescue
The Seven Red Hoods


The preliminary jury has reached its decision: Seven films out of over 200 entries have reached the final round of this year's Peer Raben Music Award. The award for the best music in a short film remembers composer and SoundTrack_Cologne Honorary Award Winner Peer Raben (1940-2007) who was best known for his work for the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. 

The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

  • Pierce Black and Max Walter for The Rescue (Germany 2014, 13', D: David Wesemann) 
  • Thomas Höhl for Bamboo Temple Street (Germany 2015, 14', D: Baoying Bilgeri)
  • Nicolai Krepart for The Fantastic Love of Beeboy & Flowergirl (Germany 2015, 10', D: Clemens Roth)
  • Stanislav Makovskiy for It (Russia 2015, 8', D: Genadzi Buto)
  • Pedro Marques for Amélia & Duarte (Germany/Portugal 2014, 8', D: Alice Guimarães)
  • Pablo Pico for The Seven Red Hoods (France 2014, 9', D: Leo Verrier)
  • Filip Sijanec for Pombo Loves You (United Kingdom 2015, 12', D: Steve Warne)


SoundTrack_Cologne welcomes back some of his alumni: amongst the nominees are Pablo Pico, winner of the Peer Raben Music Award at SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0 and Filip Sijanec, winner of the WDR Filmscore Award at SoundTrack_Cologne 10. 

The Peer Raben Music Award is endowed with 1.500 Euro and is funded by the composer's estate. It is awarded to the film's composer.

Members of the jury are:

Jean-Michel Bernard (Composer, France, The Science of Sleep)
Jessica de Rooij (Composer, Germany, Vergiss mein nicht)
Micki Meuser (Composer, Germany, Ein Sommer in Schottland) 
David Julyan (Composer, The Descent)

The competitive screening will take place on Saturday, 22.08. at 14:30 at the Forum VHS at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum. The winner will be announced the very same evening at the award gala (begin 19:00h) at the same venue.

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