Most compositions start with developing melodies or harmonies on the piano or at the guitar. In this half-day workshop, the studied percussionist Jason Graves, known for numerous successful scores for video games Graves (The Order: 1886, Evolve, Tomb Raider, Dead Space) , will show a different access to the composition process for games, using only percussion instruments. Showing examples e.g. from Tomb Raider and using different hand-percussions, Graves will show basic approaches to rhythmic structures and developments. Together with the wokshop- participants, music will be developed by just using percussions to pictures or scenes.

The workshop will take place on Friday, 21.08. beginning at 10:00h at the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung.

The workshop is open to accredited participants of SoundTrack_Cologne only and free of any extra charge. A registration was possible until August 15th. Special skills are not mandatory for the workshop and of course you can bring and use your own percussion instrument.

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