SEE THE SOUND Award Best Music Documentary: Adam Kahan, director The Case of the Three Sided Dream · Photo: Stephanie Englert
Peer Raben Music Award: Honourable Mention to Thomas Höhl · Photo: Stephanie Englert
Peer Raben Music Award winner Stanislav Makovsky · Photo: Stephanie Englert
European Talent Award Honourable Mention: Raffael Seyfried · Photo: Stephanie Englert
European Talent Award Sounddesign: Armin Badde · Photo: Stephanie Englert
WDR Filmscore Award: Damian Scholl · Photo: Stephanie Englert
Honorary Award Recipient Enjott Schneider with Laudator Matthias Hornschuh and Michael P. Aust, CEO SoundTrack_Cologne · Photo: Stephanie Englert
Honorary Award Recipient Enjott Schneider · Photo: Stephanie Englert
All winners, all juries · Photo: Stephanie Englert

The Award Winners

The juries of SoundTrack_Cologne 12 have made their decisions. The winners are Damian Scholl (WDR Film score Award), Armin Badde (European Talent Award Sound Design) and Stanislav Makovsky (Peer Raben Music Award). The SEE THE SOUND Award for Best Music Documentary went to The Case of the Three Sided Dream by Adam Kahan.
During the award ceremony Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider received the Honorary Award of SoundTrack_Cologne. With this award SoundTrack_Cologne honours an artist, university teacher and theorist who shaped the German film music landscape and who tirelessly puts himself out for the concerns of his colleagues.
As Matthias Hornschuh, composer and chairman of mediamusic e.V. states in his laudation:
“You have, as author, teacher and, naturally, as composer, moved music into its place in film, and in this way contributed to a new perspective on our common theme. In doing so, you are one of the first to put film music on a permanent footing in the agenda of the German-speaking world. And you are, that must also be said this evening, a colleague who throws himself into the battle for our recognition and our rights – and thus our existence – with everything at his disposal.”
The award ceremony took place on Saturday, August 22 at the Forum VHS at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne.
The winners of the European Talent Award are Damian Scholl (WDR Filmscore Award), Armin Badde (European Talent Award for best Sound Design), Raffael Seyfried receive an Honourable Mention.
Since its very beginning the European Talent Award is a central event of SoundTrack_Cologne. The work of all competition participants, who created a new world of music and sound for a muted short film, show how differently a soundtrack can tell a film. This year’s competition film was Oma by Karolien Raeymaekers. Additionally the participants had to face the challenge to create a soundtrack without using any third party sound or music libraries.
The members of the jury were composers Bruno Coulais (The Chorus), Aleksandr Pantykin (Musulmanin), music supervisor Pia Hoffmann (Schoßgebete), music journalist Kai Löffler and sound designer Oliver Achatz (3 Türken & ein Baby).
The WDR Filmscore Award goes to Damian Scholl, Germany. He wins a one-day recording session of one of his own composition with the WDR Funkhausorchester.
The jury statement:
“The WDR Filmscore Award goes to Damian Scholl,
for writing a very touching score that evokes a dreamlike atmosphere and evolves into a character of its own.
His artfully written music, almost a tone poem, reveals a secret layer of the film.”
The European Talent Award in the category best sound design goes to Armin Badde. He wins a professional cinema sound mixing at Fun de Mental Studios, Frankfurt.
The jury statement:
"The European Talent Award goes to Armin Badde,
for bringing characters and scenery to life. His way of combining sound effects and ambience lets the images breathe.
The sound design is very organic, well balanced and tells the story extremely well."
A honourable mention goes to Raffael Seyfried.
The jury statement
“An Honourable Mention goes to Raffael Seyfried whose fragile, effective and well timed composition works in perfect synchronicity with the sound design.
His music supports the story in a very delicate and unpretentious way.”
The Peer Raben Music Award goes to Stanislav Makovsky for his music for the film It, directed by Genadzi Buto
The Peer Raben Music Award goes to the music of the Russian entry It (Оно) und its composer Stanislav Makovsky. The members of the jury were composers Jean-Michel Bernard (The Science of Sleep), Jessica de Rooij (Postal), David Julyan (The Cabin in the Woods) and Micki Meuser (Obsession).
To quote the jury:
“The winning score we have chosen stands out because of the original treatment of instruments, using a contemporary style, and with a high production value. The music created the atmosphere of sound design as well as a dramatic drive.”
Additionally the jury issued an honourable mention to Thomas Höhl for his music the film Bamboo Temple Street.
Over 200 entries from 32 countries entered the competition. Seven were chosen for the final screening. The jury states that is was impressed by the high quality of the nominated film scores. The award for the best music in a short film is endowed with 1.500 Euro and remembers composer and SoundTrack_Cologne Honorary Award Winner Peer Raben (1940-2007) who was best known for his work for the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. 
SEE THE SOUND Award for Best Music Documentary goes to The Case of the Three Sided Dream by Adam Kahan.
The Case of the Three Sided Dream was honoured as best music documentary. Director Adam Kahan portrais the blind jazz saxophone player Rahssan Roland Kirk who could play three saxophones at the same time, whose energy brought every audience to the boil and who had the same passion as activist against racism as well as for the rights of people with disabilities. The Case of the Three Sided Dream had its German premiere during SEE THE SOUND.
To quote the jury:
“Adam Kahan's debut film The Case of the Three Sided Dream convinces by its artistic, direct and personally very close narrative, which draws us in from the first minute. The filmmaker manages to portray an exceptional musician and artist who deals intensively with his role and his potential in society. Adam Kahan provides a sympathetic and powerful insight into the life and into the high artistic quality of the acoustic worlds of Rashaan Roland Kirk. The jury congratulates Adam Kahan on the prize for the best film of SoundTrack_Cologne!”
The jury were Philipp Janzen (musician of the band Von Spar), Cornelia Köhler (author) and Michal Kosakowski (Producer, director and author). Eight films were in competition for the Award for the Best Music Documentary. It was awarded for the third time and is endowed with 2.500 Euro. Past winner are Kidd Life by Andreas Johnsen and Europe in 8 Bits by Javier Polo.

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